Thursday, April 19, 2012

4-19-12 Ride

Went riding in Millennium Park today.  This was my first ride wearing tights and so far I like them.  They keep my knees warm enough and my legs cool enough, plus I didn't feel my feet go numb.  I still don't have any long sleeve jerseys and my arms seem to go numb on and off.  This time I didn't forget to bring snacks and that helped keep up my energy even with going farther than I did last time.  My glutes became real tired toward the end, but I didn't feel like I hit a wall.  I kept an eye on the time on my cycling computer making sure I kept drinking every 15 mins. throughout the ride and I ate a snack about every 40 mins. 
    I put a extra small pack on my bike to carry some more gear(bike lock, snacks, Driver ID).  This worked out okay, I could tell there was some extra weight.  I will probably only take this if I need the lock when I know I'm going to stop someplace I will need it.  Once I get the pockets sewn on my jersey I can put my snacks in there along with my keys and I won't need the extra pack.
    I scouted out some of the Standale trail while I was there.  It looks pretty good.  Not too busy of road there.  The trail crosses a couple roads right away and the rest looks like it will be more of the same.  Millennium Park is a gem for road riding.  You just keep going and going, no roads to cross.  Love it!

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